Photograph of some cables and plugs inside a 3d DLP printer

An all-in-one DLP 3d printer controller: Next steps

I have noticed that although the code is free, Monkeyprint is not yet in a state were it is really useful for anyone building a 3d DLP printer. In order to change this, I made plans for improving the software itself, but also sharing the hardware to provide an all-in-one DLP printer controller solution.

All-in-one DLP printer controller

The improvements to the software will be shared here embedded in the build process of my own DLP printer.

All the things have come together already in the DLP printer I built with a friend, so for the next printer the main task will be to clean up the code, provide some new features and make it all user friendly.

The aim is to provide an all-in-one solution for the software and electronics that makes is easy for everyone to build the printer by themselves.

Plan of action

As a first step, I have added some instructions on how to download and set up Monkeyprint. You can find them in the menu on the left. Note, however, that these are pretty complicated right now and will be updated in the process…

The next steps will be to

  • give an overview over the electronic components,
  • upload the micro controller firmware to Github,
  • improve on Monkeyprint which will include
    • clean up of the GUI code which is a mess right now
    • implementation of a set up dialogue for easier configuration
    • updating the code to Python 3
    • printing of multiple objects
    • flashing of the micro controller via Monkeyprint

Let’s rock this…

Well, that’s quite a lot! Right now I’m on holidays but I’ll bring you the next part, the overview over the electronics, during the next week, so make sure to follow!

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